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Craniotomy, Supratentorial tumor removal

Prof. Jonghee Chang

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Craniotomy, tumor resection
Prof. Sungjin Cho Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital | Republic of Korea Speciality : Neurosurgery

Dx. - Hemangioma, head and neck

Compressive Optic Neuropathy c Nomal Fundus & RNFL (R)
Restircitive ET & RHT, d/t Orbital tumor

Surgical procedures in this video

1. orbital roof flattening
2. orbital roof removal
3. periorbital incision
4. muscle stimulation
5. internal debulking
6. tumor mass removal
7. periorbital suture
8. bleeding control, orbital roof reconstruction
■ Microscope : Carl Zeiss Pentero 900

■ Navigation : N/A

■ Surgical Drill : EINSMED

■ 3D Camera : M-Flix

■ 3D Recorder : R-Flix
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