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Corneal Incision with Groove
SURGFLIX_OPH 3DMediVision | Republic of Korea Speciality : Ophthalmology

Grooved Corneal Incision

A well-constructed, self-sealing, corneal main wound is critical in maintaining chamber stability, providing for adequate instrument maneuverability, and preventing post-operative wound leaks.
The incisions can be made superiorly, temporally or at the steepest axis of the cornea, depending on the surgeon’s preference. The initial groove can be of varying depths, or not performed at all.
Phaco beginners who start learning cataract surgery with corneal incisions in their training should be warned that a poorly constructed corneal incision can start a cascade of problems during cataract surgery and could put the patient at a higher risk for complications. Based on a few important rules of corneal incisions many brilliant surgeons have developed, we introduce this critical step of cataract surgery.

Related Factors

     · Diagnosis : Senile Cataract
Medical Device

     · Microscope : M629, Leica / M822, Leica / LUMERA 700, Carl Zeiss
     · 3D Camera : M-FLIX 2010, 3D MediVision
     · 3D Recorder : R-FLIX1010, 3D MediVision

Surgical Instrument

     · Slit Knife 2.75mm; bevel up, Beaver, BVI (SKU : 370827)
     · Castroviejo Toothed .12 Forceps (Onyx FT-201B)
     · Optical Marker, 5.50mm with Cross Hairs, Hoffer (SKU: M02-5.25)
     · Clearport paracentesis knife, 1.1mm, angled, Sharppoint (code : 78-2010)

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